The Boat, The Beach and The ‘Model’.

7th June 2015.

The day started off me not getting out of the house in time, as no one would tell me what time we were meeting, I think my ‘friends’ were trying to ditch me. I was finally told to get a move along, as they were meeting at 11:00. I told them I would be getting there at 11:19, which was okay with them. I get there at 11:19 and wait for them for another half an hour at the Boathouse holding a table. This place was packed, every other person asking could they be my friend, and have the table, as if.  They finally arrived. Time to order.

I ordered a Banana Smoothie, and the Burger. With five orders, only two different dishes were ordered, the Burger times three, and the Trout Board times two. While everyone’s beverages come out, I was left hanging for my Banana Smoothie, finally there was news on Smoothie, no more Bananas, the Monkeys ate them all, so i opted for the Berry Smoothie. The Berry Smoothie comes out, and a complimentary Carrot Cake, for the missing bananas. Thanks.

The meat was well cooked, but this burger was a lacking flavour from the cheese and the mayo.  The chips were nice and crunchy.

After lunch we took a stroll, and then what would eventually turn out to be a photo shoot.

The model was asked to pose for some shots, the first shot was easy enough, stand in front of a wall. Then it came to standing on a rock, at the northern end of Manly Beach, near Manly Lagoon. This is where I had to deal with my first tantrum from a model. It occurred when I suggested he shouldn’t pose with his hands out in front of him, while I was shooting his profile from afar (photo not pictured, you can picture what it looked like he was doing). Models these days (well just this one). I think the best shot is where the splash of the crashing wave covers up his face. #Kidding. For those who are wondering, he is single, go and stalk him on Instagram @woocommajohn.

After that we regrouped, took a stroll along Cremorne Point, and watched the sunset. Then it was dinner time, we decided to go to Balmain for some Korean food. The destination was Ma.Ba.Sa. Modern Korean Cuisine.

First dish was the Mabasa Wraps. Marinated Beef, Omelette Slices, Seasoned Vegetables served in Fish Cake Wraps, and dipped in Mabasa Mustard Sauce. The wrap, I did not even know there was any fish in there, which is a good thing, as it didn’t have a ‘fishy’ taste. The Mabasa Mustard Sauce was a highlight of this dish, just yum!

Dolsot-Bibimbap, Minced Beef, Steamed Rice topped with Seasoned Vegetables and Egg in a Stone Hotpot, served with Chilli Paste. This dish can not be made badly, well in my opinion anyway, unless I’ve avoided all bad Bibimbap in Sydney. This was was very well put together, and the pot was hot enough to make the rice at the bottom ‘burnt’ and crispy, which is not always the case. Crunch, yum.

Mabasa Sogogi. Thinly sliced grilled Scotch Fillets served with Marinated Shallots, drizzled with Mabasa Mustard Sauce. The thin amount of batter on top, I believe, was just the right amount of batter, making it crispy, and allowing you to taste more of the pork, as it should be more about the meat and not all about the batter. I could’ve just had this whole dish for dinner, and I’d be good. Again that mustard makes an appearance, this sauce would be perfect on a Hot Dog!

Yook-Hwe, Korean style Beef Tartare, just the right amount of marinate and garlic, thinly sliced beef, a nice and simple dish, I should try and make this at home one day.

Mabasa-Samgeop. Slow Cooked Pork Belly, soaked in Red Wine and Traditional Soy & Honey Korean sauce, served with Chilli Bean Paste sauce. The pork belly fell apart very easily, and the fat on the pork, usually just doesn’t feel right to eat, but this went down very well as a whole, just eat the meat and the fat together. Just the right amount of meat to fat ratio, although other people on the table just didn’t touch the fat.

The last dish was for the struggling and starving model, he just had to order one more dish. Dak-Bong. Korean Style Chicken Honey-Chilli Drumsticks. I only had a little bit, so can not say much, other than the meat was definitely was not dry, and there seemed to be more honey in it than chilli.

Remember to order the Citron Tea, I loved this Tea! My favourite dish would have been Mabasa Sogogi, doesn’t mean the others were bad, they were all good.

That was my Sunday on the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend.

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