Sokyo at The Star

27th March 2015: Sokyo at The Star – Omakase.

Friday night and off to Sokyo we go. I have been to Sokyo before, the last time it was for a quick meal at the drinks bar. This time we went all out for the Omakase, お任せ(jap.), translated to ‘I’ll leave it to you’.  We were lead to bar and introduced to Chef Sano, who would be preparing whatever he feels like. Now, I’ve heard of stories of how many dishes come out, so I was prepared. Also I was accompanied by a friend, who has sat down for the Omakase menu on more than one occasion. Chef Sano knows that person by name and appeitite.

All you really have to do is take a look at the photos. If you like Japanese food this is an experience you must try.

Just the one dish was a bit of a let down was the Alfonsino with Puffed Rice, and King Brown Mushrooms. The Puffed Rice was slightly on the burnt side, but still edible. Well I was not going to pick off a few burnt rice. Otherwise the cooked Alfonsino was still very good.

A highlight was the Big Eye Tuna Chutoro aged 7 Days. This thing just melted in my mouth. I recall my eyes fluttering as I was eating it.

Throughout the night the dishes just kept coming out, after about twenty dishes, Chef Sano would ask would you like another dish, we said yes to two more, and got another serving of Uni. Sitting at the bar which only seats eight people you wouldn’t think you’d run into anyone. In the middle of our meal, two people were seated next to us which we just happen to know. Random.

The night ended with the dessert platter, filled with four desserts, all of them were equally good. Although I am impartial to desserts, you’d might as well try all the desserts.

Here is the list of what we were served:

1. Seared Snapper Muscle topped with snapper skin with yuzu.

2. Spanner Crab.

3. Uni, Toro with Caviar.

4. New Zealand Snapper Belly.

5. Alfonsino

6. Shellfish.

7. Big Eye Tuna chutoro aged 7 days.

8. Blue Fin Tuna Belly.

9. Garfish.

10. Mackerel.

11. Ocean Trout Belly. With some tiny bits of green stuff and brown stuff.  Lime Zest.

12. Kingfish Belly.

13. Alfonsino with puffed rice, and king brown mushrooms.

14. Scallop on Crispy Nori. So crispy I dropped it, the first I’ve dropped.

15. Seared Alfonsino Muscle (Engawa)

16. Scallop Muscle.

17. Quail, Sweet Potato Pureé and Pickled Capsicum

18. Cuttlefish

19. Mackerel with kelp film

20. Seared Scampi.

21. Uni.

22. Seared Salmon Belly.

23. Tamago.

24. Goma Street – Caramelised White chocolate, Black Sesame Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate Disc

25. Tofu Cheesecake – Thyme Sugar, Strawberry Consommé

26. Sokyo “Mochi Ice Cream” – Yatsuhashi Kyoto Mochi, Frozen Strawberry Milkshake

27. Mango Sago Pudding.

All up eighteen Nigiri pieces, five other dishes and four desserts.

Your turn to visit Sokyo soon.

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