Ms. G’s

4th April 2015: Ms. G’s.

This was an unplanned visit to Ms. G’s. A random message from a friend, after a few back and forth messages from two people, we got organised and off to Ms. G’s we went. Apparently we were only going for drinks and a little bit of food, as I was the only one of the three that had not eaten yet. As it turns out there would be four of us, and as you can see from the following photos, there was quite a bit of food to digest.

Into a dimly lit restaurant we went, with a live DJ playing some music that was loud enough for me to say, excuse more than just a few times.

First up, the Cheeseburger Spring Rolls. If you have had a cheeseburger, then this is exactly what is taste like. Only one more thing to say, yum.

Next up was the Spiced Tuna Tartare with Green Chilli, Lemon Sour Cream served with Pappadums. This dish was all about that the lemon and green chilli for me, a good level of spiciness, although you could always add a bit of Sriracha Chilli Sauce, which was what I did. This dish also had a lot of green stuff!

Thai Green Curry Jaffle, Braised Beef and Buffalo Mozzarella. The jaffle was crispy, and that melting cheese that binds everything on the inside is the flavour that hits you.

The Sweet and Sticky Pigs Tail, i only tasted a bit of it, that’s all i have to say.

The Roasted Barramundi was well cooked, with skin that was crispy and insides that fell apart easily. The last dish that I consumed was Deep Fried Mozzarella, so simple, most probably bad for you,

The Mini Bánh Mi was consumed by one person which was not me, hence no opinion from me.

The first three dishes, Spring Rolls, Tuna, Jaffle are the dishes I would order again. A nice restaurant with a good but loud atmosphere where you can share a lot of food with good friends. If you want to try all the dishes just make sure you bring a lot of friends, or friends that are actually hungry!

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