The Pumpkin. The Slippers. The Garden.

23rd May 2015.

I met Izzy for the first time on the day of the shoot, after some initial talk and some interrogation, to make sure she was who she claimed to be, lol, kidding, we got to work. I spent my Saturday with Izzy and shot at two locations. After the first set of shots with some cyclists, and a wardrobe change, we wandered the streets of Eastwood. Went looking for a lost pumpkin, we worked out that pumpkins come in pairs, which lead us to a pair of elusive slippers. (Pumpkin was within the name of the shop that sold the slippers)

Izzy mentioned she liked visiting gardens, so we ended up at Eden Gardens, not too far from Eastwood, for the second set of shots. I’ve only been to this shop once before, and that was a while ago, should come more often, especially to try some of the food at their cafe. Took some shots, and also did some shopping. Someone nearly felt like tasting the perfumed moisturiser, the other person just didn’t want voice the same opinion out loud. A great day with awesome company and a lot of great portraits. Below are just a few shots from the first set.

Izzy is wearing Serena Waterfall Cardigan from St. Frock and Ripped Jeans from Stelly Clothing. Izzy is the Fashion Blogger of Metallic Paws from Sydney, Australia.

For More Visit Izzy’s Post on the outfit: Parisian Fall

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